If you are a lawyer who works in the collector-car field, you get a lot of clients who are disappointed with cars they purchased from Internet ads. They aren’t all stories with unhappy endings, but they are a treasure trove of legal work. A recent victim, “Frank,” purchased a Porsche […]


  1. January issue, your column titled “What Could Possibly Go Right”. You write, and I choke laughing: “As an aside: Do you think our publisher reads his own magazine?” Mr Martin may not often follow the rule he taught me ( by reading his magazine) which is “never buy a car sight unseen”. Over and over when I have forced myself to travel to see a car I have learned that while a picture may be worth a thousand words they are probably not the words that will satisfy me. Just go see the damn car in person. I couldn’t agree more with your article.Here’s another one: What about the time Mr. Martin was sitting at an auction and heard his voice bidding on the blue Alfa Giulia Speciale? Remember that story? Still laugh every time I think of it.It so easy to do. However, I suppose Mr Martin would probably counter, using Mr Osborne as an example, wherein Osborne lost a chance on an Abarth twin-carburetor intake manifold for an Alfa 1900 at the Padova show this fall by not acting on his impulse. Thanks for the great article this month.

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