What Could Possibly Go Right?

If you are a lawyer who works in the collector-car field, you get a lot of clients who are disappointed with cars they purchased from Internet ads.

They aren’t all stories with unhappy endings, but they are a treasure trove of legal work.

A recent victim, “Frank,” purchased a Porsche 930 from a dealer 2,000 miles away. The Turbo looked perfect in the many photos on the website, but Frank knew that little pictures can lie.

So he called the Read More

John Draneas

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John practices law in the Portland, OR, suburb of Lake Oswego, where he focuses on tax and estate planning, business organizations and transactions, and representation of collector-car owners. He is a past president of the Oregon region of the Porsche Club of America and served as the chairman of the PCA’s 2006 parade. His collection includes two Porsches, a Ferrari, an Alfa, a Lotus, a BMW daily driver, a John Deere tractor — and one increasingly famous Jaguar E-type. This month’s “You Write, We Read” on p. 20 is full of SCMer advice on whether Draneas should restore his Jag.

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  1. January issue, your column titled “What Could Possibly Go Right”. You write, and I choke laughing: “As an aside: Do you think our publisher reads his own magazine?” Mr Martin may not often follow the rule he taught me ( by reading his magazine) which is “never buy a car sight unseen”. Over and over when I have forced myself to travel to see a car I have learned that while a picture may be worth a thousand words they are probably not the words that will satisfy me. Just go see the damn car in person. I couldn’t agree more with your article.Here’s another one: What about the time Mr. Martin was sitting at an auction and heard his voice bidding on the blue Alfa Giulia Speciale? Remember that story? Still laugh every time I think of it.It so easy to do. However, I suppose Mr Martin would probably counter, using Mr Osborne as an example, wherein Osborne lost a chance on an Abarth twin-carburetor intake manifold for an Alfa 1900 at the Padova show this fall by not acting on his impulse. Thanks for the great article this month.

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