1999 Acura NSX Zanardi Edition

# 29964. S/N JH4NA2124XT000170. 57k miles. “3.2-liter VTEC V6, 6-speed manual transaxle, #43 of 51 Zanardi Edition Models, fixed-roof hard top, new Formula Red over Onyx, staggered-diameter BBS wheels, recent timing-belt service, new water pump, recent service records.” Condition: 1. SOLD AT $135,000. Bring a Trailer, 4/9/2020.

Brian’s take: The NSX isn’t a new car entering the collectible scene. It is Honda’s closest thing to a supercar. Not long ago, a nice, used NSX sold for $30,000. A Condition 1 car with low mileage brought up to $90,000. While the NSX is a somewhat limited-production car, only selling about 9,000 in its 17-year run, there are a few limited-edition NSX cars that pull higher premiums — such as this Zanardi. There is the Type R version, also called the NSX-R, that is a weight-savings / performance trim, removing almost 300 pounds. The NSX Type S-Zero, only offered in Japan, would be considered the most rare, with only 30 produced. While the targa model after 1994 wasn’t rare, there were some base models between 1997 and 2002 that came with the original hard top and are considered rare. Overall, the Zanardi Edition is the top limited-edition NSX that we received in the United States, which is why this car — in great condition — reached almost twice the price of a regular model in the same condition. Well sold.

1990 Nissan Skyline GT-R NISMO

# 30060. S/N JBNR32-100301. 29k kilometers (18k miles). “Twin-turbocharged 2.6-L inline 6, 5-speed manual gearbox, NISMO Edition, ATTESA E-TS all-wheel drive, Gun Grey Metallic, black cloth interior, Mines coil-overs, ARC exhaust, carbon-fiber front lip, Modena wheels and factory wheels, import documents.” Condition: 2. SOLD AT $85,678. Bring a Trailer, 4/13/2020.

Brian’s take: The R32 Skyline GT-R NISMO, or NISsan MOtorsports, is a very rare variant of the GT-R model. While the GT-R is already a more-expensive model, selling from $20k to $60k depending on miles and originality, there were just 500 NISMO cars produced. Given that it is also a 30-year-old car with 18k miles, it is an incredible find. There are a few bolt-on mods, such as the exhaust, coil-overs, braces and wheels, but most of this gear is removable. I consider this car well bought at this price.

1991 Honda Civic Si

# 30278. S/N 2HGED7368MH006196. 64k kilometers (~102k miles). “1.6-liter inline 4, 5-speed manual transaxle, power sunroof, factory air conditioning, factory cassette player.” Condition: 1. SOLD AT $16,250. Bring a Trailer, 4/17/2020.

Brian’s take: It just took two months for this very car to rise $5,000 in price. It was previously sold on Bring a Trailer in February for $11,250.

What’s going on here?

This sale is possibly validation that a very clean Civic Si is worth real money. I previously covered a 1991 Civic Si hatchback in the September 2017 issue of SCM (p. 172) that was also a Condition 1 with similar miles — but in black — and it sold for $7,500. This sale shows how far the Civic valuation has risen in just a few years. Civic Si trim levels are the cars to buy, but try and find the best. Well sold. ♦

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