Russo and Steele will sell a 1955 Jaguar XK 140 MC roadster — one of the earliest surviving LHD export cars — without reserve in Monterey. The sale takes place August 13–15.

Based on its serial number, S810008, this XK 140 MC roadster is a very early production, original left-hand-drive, U.S.-delivery example. Given that XK 140 serial numbers for America-bound export models began from 810000, this specific XK 140 is one of the earliest cars of the series produced, with an October, 1954 production month, and it is consequently one of the earliest XK140s remaining in existence today. Further, the S prefix to its serial number indicates it was equipped when new with the top-line MC option, which comprised the M or Special Equipment package, including a crankshaft vibration damper, wire-spoke wheels, dual exhaust pipes, and fog lamps. The S suffix to the serial number of its 8:1 compression engine denoted the car’s uprated 3.4-liter XK engine.

The Jaguar’s current owner, a Florida resident, acquired the car during January 2013, and as he purchased it, the car was already restored in 2011/2012 and equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox, nicely unlocking the powerful DOHC engines potential and providing relaxed cruising. Front disc brakes, an aluminum radiator, and other upgrades provide additional drivability and reliability. Featuring outstanding colors, this XK 140 consistently draws admiration and never fails to draw attention wherever it goes. Learn more here.


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