Scottsdale, AZ (April 20, 2007) – Russo and Steele Collector Automobile Auction has one of the finest 1965 Ford Shelby Mustang GT350 R competition models racing over their auction block in Monterey this August 16-18, 2007. This fastback is one of 36 factory created competition models that will satisfy any enthusiast with the desire to own an original.

The formidable “R” competition models were very special because of the modifications given to them. It was these modifications that made them so different from their brothers the GT 350. This particular “R” model, 5R213, was factory completed on November 10, 1965.

The car’s restoration was a matter of finding all original, 40 year old parts that came with the R-model when first released. There are no reproduction parts on this car. For example, this automobile has the original racing seat belts and fire extinguisher dated and coded to this 1965 race car. Not to mention it also has all four NOS Goodyear Bluestrike tires that still have the original painted stickers on the tread.

The entire drive terrain is original. Original heads, intakes, and carburetor, but the block itself was replaced. It was replaced with an original 289 Hi-Po block that came from San Jose California. The owner wanted to ensure that it had the 5R09K numbers stamped on the side. They went so far as to obtain the replacement from the same factory that the 5R213 was originally created.

This automobile will satisfy even the most hardcore of purists. An “R” model is the ultimate Shelby!

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Stephanie Quinn

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