Pebble Beach, CA, June 26, 2008 -– Automotive Fine Arts Society founding member, Dennis Brown, has captured the elegance and motion of the automobile in four paintings that will be unveiled during the 23rd annual AFAS art show at the 2008 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on August 17, 2008.

Brown will debut the acrylic paintings “Sunday in the Hamptons,” “500 Mondial,” “Ferrari 333 SP” and “It’s a Duese” during the exhibit, which is sponsored by the Lincoln Division of Ford Motor Company. The AFAS is comprised of automotive artists from across the globe who create subjects in a variety of mediums including watercolors, acrylics, oils, wood and various metals.

“Nothing conveys the beauty of the automobile like a snapshot of a classic motorcar at speed,” said Brown. “From the rumble of the engine to the smooth lines and spinning wheels, the motion of the automobile is what makes it such a romantic figure. Some of my newest paintings were created to capture the graceful movements of some special cars.”

Set on a costal roadway before a sprawling country home, “Sunday in The Hamptons” features a gentleman behind the wheel of a speeding vintage Mercedes Benz. The 15” x 22” painting creates a surreal atmosphere as the driver enjoys a weekend cruise through the prime real estate of the “The Hamptons” in New York.

“Boasting chrome side pipes, a long, elegant body and other timeless design cues, this classic Benz is the perfect car for a carefree drive in The Hamptons,” noted Brown.

Brown’s “Ferrari 333 SP” and “500 Mondial” each focus on a champion Ferrari racer from different eras. The 12” x 16” “500 Mondial” painting features a vintage Ferrari 500 Mondial, which helped dominate the racing scene for Scuderia Ferrari during the 1950s. In “Ferrari 333 SP,” Brown illustrates the modern 333 SP racecar from behind as it approaches an apex. This legendary car marked Ferrari’s official return to sports car racing in 1993, after a 20-year absence.

“These racecars represent respective milestones in the illustrious history of the Scuderia Ferrari,” added Brown. “The Mondial helped Enzo Ferrari build one of the most celebrated racing stables ever, while the 333 SP rekindled the Ferrari mystique four decades later. Thanks to these two racing legends, Ferrari remains in the forefront of the racing world today.”

Although it does not depict a moving vehicle, Brown’s 16” x 20” “It’s a Duese” painting of a handmade Duesenberg engine evokes a sense of power and progress. The crisp illustration gives the viewer a detailed examination of this prewar masterpiece.

Brown has a unique style that sets him apart from other artists in his genre. His pieces begin with a simple line drawing that can still be seen beneath the liquid acrylic paint he uses. Brown’s award winning work has been commissioned by major automobile companies worldwide and is represented in private and public collections in the United States, Europe and Japan.

In 2007, Brown was chosen to create the official poster artwork for the Pebble Beach Tour d’Elegance on its tenth anniversary. He is a member of the Los Angeles Society of Illustrators as well as AFAS. Aside from painting, the Southern California native teaches aspiring artists at Mount San Antonio College in Walnut, Calif.

About the Automotive Fine Arts Society
Celebrating its 25th year of existence, the AFAS includes some of the most prestigious talents in fine art. Members work in many diverse mediums including oil, watercolors, acrylics, wood, gouache, pen & ink, clay and metal. AFAS participates in select shows across the country including the Pebble Beach Concours d´Elegance and the Amelia Island Concours d´Elegance. Information about AFAS is available at or by contacting Luke DeRouen at (214) 520-3430 or [email protected].

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