Overland Park, KS, December 17, 2008 – With a quarter-trillion dollars in goods and services “sold” at live auction in 2007, auctions are gaining more attention and interest among consumers, leaving many asking questions like “What is the auctioneer actually saying?” or “What is an ‘absolute auction’?” To address these common questions, the National Auctioneers Association (NAA) recently posted Auction Answers on its home page. Auction Answers originated in partnership with USA TODAY and its semiweekly feature, Auction Showcase, advertising real estate auctions and others around the country.

“Auctions fascinate consumers. They’re not only entertaining and fun, but also a great place to buy and sell goods and assets,” said NAA President Randy Wells. “For many, auctions can be intimidating and confusing at times. The goal of Auction Answers is to clear up much of the confusion surrounding auctions, such as terminology and its process. We want every bidder to be prepared to bid on auction day and feel comfortable when they raise their bid paddle.”

In addition to launching Auction Answers, the NAA recently posted a public service announcement (PSA) video on its home page. The video provides tips to consumers to consider when hiring an auctioneer to sell their personal or business assets.

The NAA is a professional association dedicated to auction professionals and the promotion of the auction industry. The live-auction industry sold over $270.7 billion in goods and services in 2007. The live auction industry is broad and diverse and ranges from automobile and real estate auctions, to benefit/charity and antique auctions.

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