From the Arizona Star, published October 2, 2007:

MESA — The must have muscle cars will still be available at the Barrett-Jackson car auction in Scottsdale.

Only there will be fewer of them.

The car auction has announced it’s scaling back on the number of cars put up for sale.

“We are voluntarily throttling back for the sake of quality,” said Barrett-Jackson President Steve Davis.
Although there will be fewer cars, Davis says next year’s event will have its share of crowd-wowing vehicles, including the bizarre Robosaurus, and the Pininfarina-bodied Corvette Rondine.

This year’s auction sold 1,270 vehicles for a combined $112 million.

But the auction went late and some of the cars were left outside the tent area in the mud from rain showers.
Barrett-Jackson CEO Craig Jackson said the auction will sell about 20 percent fewer cars in January, and siphon off 250 or so cars to another event.

Jackson wouldn’t reveal any details Monday about where or when the other event will occur. Jackson says he’s taking the action because Scottsdale’s WestWorld is too small and too muddy to accommodate all of the high-end cars that want a spot on the auction block.

“We need to make the event fit in Scottsdale,” Jackson said.
Despite the reduction, Jackson said the Scottsdale show will be just as much a show stopper as in the past.

The annual classic car spectacle roars into Scottsdale’s WestWorld on Jan. 12.

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