After five and a half years of producing and hosting my Cars Yeah podcast and interviewing over 1,475 Inspiring Automotive Enthusiasts™ I suggested to Keith that we join forces and create a new podcast together. And so, Buy Sell Hold was born.

The focus of this collaboration is to bring to you a weekly podcast where we talk with industry experts who will help you navigate your collector car journey. Through their experiences, trials and tribulations, the red mist of buying and selling, and their real life stories about their collections, these talented and unique people will help you make better decisions when it comes to your collector vehicles.

You’ll hear from experts including Miles Collier, Mark Hyman, Bruce Meyer, Donald Osborne, Philip Richter, Stephen Serio, Bill Warner, Aaron Weiss, and many others. They’ll take us on a deep dive into their lives as collectors and investors.

Join us as we launch, February 4, on a weekly drive into the collector car world.

You’ll find Buy Sell Hold on the Sports Car Market website, the Cars Yeah Website, and on any mobile device using your built-in podcast app/player under the Cars Yeah podcast search.

Subscribe on your mobile device on the Cars Yeah podcast and the show, along with the daily Cars Yeah podcast, will come right to your mobile device for easy listening anywhere, any time. Go to and hit the red Free Book button and you’ll be subscribed for weekly updates on shows and I’ll send you my free Fill ‘R Up book.

Plus, if you subscribe to Sports Car Market’s digital subscription and use the code Cars Yeah, you’ll get a 50% discount and the exclusive SCM Guide to Restoration shops for free! Go to to get your savings today.

Buckle up! Buy Sell Hold is going to be a great ride. — Mark Greene

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