Chattanooga, Tenn. (August 2006) – Street rod, hot rod, and classic car owners can add some real attitude to their rides with Coker Tire’s newly developed 65Series BFGoodrich® Silvertown® whitewall radials. Sporting a wider, lower profile than the current 70 Series Whitewall radials, these new 65 Series tires will definitely help your car make a statement, whether it’s standing still or rolling to the starting line.

Coker’s 65 Series BFGoodrich® Silvertown® whitewall radials are created from the start to be true, authentic whitewall radials, with the whitewall section of the tire integrated as part of the original design. Manufactured in the USA in a fully integrated, modern production using the most advanced tire manufacturing techniques and materials available, these tires deliver the most authentic appearance of that sought-after vintage wide whitewall.

Constructed with all of the safety and performance aspects modern radial tire technology affords, Coker’s BFGoodrich® Silvertown® 65 Series Whitewall radials are S-speed rated and carry a 540 BB UTQG rating.

“Nothing beats the timeless, crisp look of a wide whitewall against the traditional, time-honored lines of your favorite classic, or the exotic styling of a custom street rod,” says Corky Coker, President of Coker Tire Company. “These low profile whitewall radials will complement every make and model, and add safer drivability for owners who like to tour at modern highway speeds.”

In addition to its 65 Series BFGoodrich® Silvertown® whitewall radials, Coker Tire also stocks 70 Series BFGoodrich® whitewall radials, all available for immediate delivery, starting at $133 each. The 65 Series BFGoodrich® Silvertown® whitewall radials, as well as hundreds of other classic and collector tires, wheels, special wheel and tire packages, vintage rims, tire and auto accessories and collectibles can be ordered online through the company’s easy-to-use web store at

Coker Tire Company, Inc. of Chattanooga, Tennessee is the world’s largest supplier of collector vehicle tires, with distributors in more than 30 countries. The company offers vintage bias-ply and nostalgia-style radial tires for collector vehicles from the late 1890s through the mid 1970s, including products for hot rods, sprint and dirt-track race cars and motorcycles.

Coker Tire was the first company to introduce a wide whitewall radial tire – the Coker Classic – for collector vehicles. Coker Tire also markets vintage-style wheels and rims, novelty bicycles and unicycles, as well as a variety of tire dressings and collectibles. For more information, to request a catalog or to place an order, call (800)-251-6336 or visit the Web site at

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