Gary and Nancy Hollander, of Linn Creek, MO, sent in an email that compares their 2007 Corvette coupe and 2008 Corvette Z06:

We have a 2007 C6 Coupe and a 2008 C6 Z06; both are awesome cars and provide excellent performance as well as fuel economy.

The 2007 is an LS2 (6.0L, 400 horsepower) with 6-speed paddle shift automatic and Magnetic Ride control. The Corvette also has a CORSA Touring Exhaust, a BBK Air Box and Michelin Pilot AS run-flats. We had it tuned earlier this spring, and the acceleration and up-shifts are fantastic. This car averages 26-29 mpg on the highway and has reached 34 mpg!

The 2008 Z06 has an LS7 (7.0L, 505 horsepower) with a 6-speed manual and 3.42:1 gear ratio, along with CORSA exhaust and K&N Air Box. I have upgraded to ZR1 wheels and Michelin RunFlats (19″ fronts and 20″ rears). The performance is awesome and yet still achieves 26-28 mpg on the highway! In my opinion, the Z06 is more comfortable than the coupe, but I drive it every day; the coupe is my wife’s.

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