Long Valley, NJ. April 2008 –While there are thousands of restoration shops around the world that restore and rebuild existing cars, DELAHAYE USA, a division of Appleton
Productions, Inc, is proud to be the only firm in the world that specializes in recreating the most beautiful classic coachbuilt cars ever built with hand-crafted
aluminum bodies, yet with totally modern underpinnings.

Connoisseurs of classic automobiles agree that the golden age of car design was the 1930s. Unquestionably some of the most sensual automobiles in history were created in
Europe in this decade. Delahaye USA is named as a tribute to, but in no way connected with, Emil Delahaye, who started manufacturing cars in Tours, France in 1879. Delahaye
USA is paying homage to the world’s top coachbuilders and carrying on their classic tradition, recreating their most breathtaking, delectable designs of all time. They not
only replicate Delahayes and Bugattis, but also build original designs as well.

Delahaye USA combines classic flowing design with contemporary functional excellence. Conveniences such as power windows, power convertible top, six-way driver’s seat, power rumble seats, symphonic sound systems, cruise control, hidden GPS systems, automatic transmissions, air conditioning, power brakes, and power steering are just some of the standard equipment. Retractable windshields are even available on some models.

Delahaye USA’s mission is this: to carefully craft a few incredibly beautiful bespoke cars with modern V-8, V-10, and V-12 cylinder engines, suspensions, and accoutrements so
their owners can drive and enjoy them in safety and comfort. The quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail are of the highest caliber. These vehicles are not built for
speed but for elegance, grace and style.

Delahaye USA has sought out the top artisans in the USA to bring together a team of premier coachbuilding craftsmen skilled in the lost art of hand-formed metal shaping.
Many of the tools and techniques used to create these aluminum bodies are the same as those of the original 1930s craftsmen. However, by having skilled fabricators
fastidiously incorporating today’s modern computer technology and engineering, the blend of classic old-styling together with present day safe and reliable chassis construction and drivetrains can be skillfully accomplished. Since these cars are hand-built to suit the customer, they can take up to two years to complete. Each vehicle is uniquely fitted to the customer’s exact specifications, providing exclusivity because there will be no other bespoke car like it. The hand formed exterior trim can be chrome or gold plated, and engraved. The selection of interior fabrics ranges from the finest broadcloths to a wide array of leather and animal hides. More than 1,000 different grain
patterns are available, custom dyed to any color the client desires.

“I’m so passionate about some of these coachbuilt cars, I’ve dedicated my life to recreating a precious few high quality replicas with modern chassis and engines,” said
Terry Cook, President. “DELAHAYE USA offers enthusiasts a reasonably priced alternative with spectacular, sensual looking streamliners for the street.”

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