Detroit, MI, July 2, 2008 – In a further insult to this already struggling region, the 24 Hours of LeMons (an endurance race for $500 cars and their equally valuable drivers) returns to the Motor City on 13-14 September ’08. Applications to enter the race are due on Saturday, July 5th.

Despite evidence that home prices, air quality, and worker productivity all tumble dramatically in the presence of LeMons cars, series founder Jay Lamm insists that the race will aid area residents. “We expect this event to pump dozens of dollars into the local economy,” he says.

To qualify, racers can spend no more than $500 (not including mandatory safety equipment) to get a car onto the starting line. Mr. Lamm expects this restriction to inspire an influx of factory teams for the ’08 Detroit race. “Let’s say you’re a Big Three carmaker today: Would you rather spend $120 million on a NASCAR program, or 500 bucks for a LeMons car? Even after the added support costs of Bactine and microwavable burritos, the savings are enormous.”

The race runs from 3pm Saturday, September 13th, to 3pm Sunday, September 14th, without interruption. Mr. Lamm told reporters he was hoping to sleep through the bulk of it.

Strategically nestled between a threatened Jeep factory and acres of unsold Chrysler SUVs, this year’s event will be held at Toledo Speedway, one half-hour south of Detroit. In light of the area’s current economic conditions, the grand prize–$1500 in nickels–will be protected by armed guards and under-fed rottweilers.

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