The Drive & Race Club is a very high end, exclusive country club for auto enthusiasts located 80 miles north of NYC in Monticello, which allows people to race their trophy cars in a safe environment.

The facilities will feature a 3.37 mile course built on a 225-acre lot along with a lavish clubhouse, car storage facilities (aka car-dominiums) and a private heliport. Members can drive their own cars OR choose from a number of luxury cars available osnite (ie Porsche, Lamborghini etc).

It’s ironic that so many of these affluent people who own these trophy cars never even drive them because they are too scared and in some cases as I mentioned, they literally don’t know how to turn them on! This facility will provide a truly safe environment (they will be the very first to offer Touring which allows the course only to be opened to
about a dozen cars – there will be top speed restrictions and passing will be strictly limited), will learn driving skills and instruction from British auto racing champion Mark Hales and can safely experience their need for speed.

To learn more, visit The facility will open in 2008, and while membership is strictly limited, they are currently accepting applications.

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