A 3-foot high, 30-pound silver automobile racing trophy, missing since 1908, would certainly seem like a big mystery in every respect.

When it turns out to be the trophy from first major race restricted to American cars, the story gets even better. The Quaker City Motor Club Founder’s Week Cup has just come to light in the estate of the granddaughter of Irving J. Morse, whose Locomobile won it at in a 200-mile race at Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, October 8, 2008, with driver George Robertson.

The Founders Cup sold at Du Mouchelles March 22 auction for $128,700 including 17 percent buyers premium. The buyer planned to carry it back home to Toronto, until he discovered just how big and heavy it was, and had to arrange for a truck.

The Vanderbilt Cup is in the Smithsonian and the Grand Prize cup is missing, making this the most important early trophy (according to the New York Times in 1911) to come to light. Check out the DuMouchelles website www.auctiondetroit.com

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