Auburn, Indiana – Lee Holman president of Holman Moody, Inc. builders of legendary Ford powered race cars and Dean Kruse, chairman of Kruse International, the world leader in the collector car market, are pleased to announce that Kruse Int’l has been selected as the preferred auction house for the Holman Moody product line.

Holman Moody is currently building the GT Mark II road racer. This is a continuation series of the 1966 Mark II GTs that finished 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winning the famous 24 hours of Le Mans in 1966 for Ford. Another current offering is the 1964 Ford Fairlane 427 side oilier road race prepared car; this is a continuation of a NASCAR commissioned car for the exploration of the unibodied platform. H/M is just ready to begin building aluminum bodied 1966 Cobra Ford powered 427 cars; the first run of 6 will begin production soon. H/M also offers complete race ready engines as well as blocks, cams, cranks and other Competition Proven parts that are sold to both NASCAR teams and the public.

When asked about this new relationship Mr. Kruse said, “Being a huge fan of auto racing I fully appreciate the Holman Moody team’s contribution to motorsports. From it’s 25 plus years as Ford Motor Company’s lead race team contractor, H/M has accumulated years of cutting edge design and development work for many racing venues. If it was Ford powered and was competing, H/M probably had a wrench on it. The opportunity to work with a legendary company that offers such a diverse line up of investment grade vehicles is a privilege. We anticipate our clients will be excited with the chance to own a genuine Competition Proven Holman Moody built car”.

The first offering of these exciting cars along with a full spectrum of nearly 2000 choice collector cars will cross the auction block at the 16th Annual Auburn Spring Motorfair held at the Kruse Auction Park, I-69 Exit 126 in Auburn, IN. May 31st – June 3rd. For more information call Kruse International at 800-968-4444 or check out our website at

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