Auburn, Indiana – Dean Kruse, President and CEO of Kruse International, announced today that his company will hold the first ever Classics, Collectible, and Custom Car Show and Auction in Hawaii on February 8 and 9, 2008.

Kruse International is the oldest and largest auction house in the Nation for vintage vehicles of all types, and the company hopes to make Hawaii one of its annual events.

Kruse International has reserved the main Exhibition Hall of the Hawaii Convention Center in downtown Honolulu for the event, and is anticipating offering over 200 classic cars and motorcycles for sale in an auction format over the two day event. Vehicles will be consigned for sale not only from Hawaii, but also the mainland US and perhaps other parts of the world. Bank of America will be offering 100% financing for every car.

“Our company believes Hawaii and the Pacific offers not only some terrific vintage and collectible cars for sale, but also a window into the new buyers and collectors that are rapidly coming into the hobby, such as customers from Japan, China, and other destinations throughout the Pacific Basin” said Dean Kruse in a public announcement at the firm’s largest sale in Auburn, Indiana, over the Labor Day weekend. “We believe Hawaii is the perfect location to hold a yearly auction for those sellers and buyers who want to make these investments in a centrally located venue in the Pacific, and take advantage of all of the shipping opportunities now available for such vehicles. We also strongly believe that there will be enormous interest among the people of Hawaii in buying and selling these great cars and motorcycles within the type of safe and secure environment we will offer at the Hawaii Convention Center,” Mr. Kruse said.

Sellers who desire to enter their vehicles into the auction can contact the Kruse Representative in Hawaii, Robert P. Smith at 342-1036, or neighbor islands 808-985-8906. Interested parties can also call Kruse Headquarters directly at 800-968-4444 or check out our website at Vehicles that are consigned early will have the added benefit of having picture advertising in publications throughout the US and the world.

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