Less than a month after their historic $2.5 million win at the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE competition, North Carolina-based Li-ion Motors is making history again with the unveiling of the INIZIO: the world’s first all American-made, fully-electric, emission-free “super car”. Engineered with Li-ion Motors’ patent-pending lithium-ion battery technology and management system, the INIZIO is a full-sized super car that has a range of up to 250 miles (321km) to satisfy every day driving needs, and a top-speed of 170 mph (272 km/hour) to thrill the avid sports car enthusiast. “We are excited to introduce to the world the INIZIO,” said Stacey Fling, President & CEO of Li-ion Motors. “This car is the culmination of many years of research and development in the quest to design an emission-free luxury vehicle that performs and handles just as well as a traditional, gas-powered super car, and with the INIZIO we’ve accomplished that”. Innovative, inspiring, and intelligent, INIZIO is slated for launch mid-2011 and will be priced starting at $139,000USD.

Innovative Design

The INIZIO is Li-ion Motors’ first foray into the high-end super car arena, and is set to transform what consumers can expect from an electric vehicle. Unlike other super cars, the low-profile, two-seater INIZIO is designed to accommodate passengers of up to 7ft in stature.

The sleek exterior of the car is characterized by smooth and rounded edges, led by high-intensity halogen headlights, a removable hard top, and an optional moveable back wing that allows the driver to customize the INIZIO experience for every drive and occasion. “The INIZIO is a sleek car for a life of style,” said Product Development Engineer Ron Cerven. “Each INIZIO is custom-built, but every INIZIO comes standard with the most exciting, and forward-thinking features of any super car to date. This is not just a car: the INIZIO is the ultimate all-electric entertainment on wheels.”

Luxury and style come together to create a chic entry point for any passenger, when the INIZIO’s rotational doors raise on a 90-degree angle, and the custom hydraulic lift system raises the car 3 inches to allow for easy and comfortable access to the sexy and sporty interior. Once inside, INIZIO owners will enjoy full-power, adjustable, leather and suede Recaro seating with heating and cooling features for optimal comfort. As if the ride wasn’t exciting enough, the INIZIO comes standard with a complete entertainment system that includes a 5.0 digital surround sound system (with 12″ subwoofer), GPS navigation, and video monitor with DVD player, audio/video and mp3 input.

Inspiring Zero-Emission Mobility

The INIZIO is powered by Li-ion Motors patent-pending lithium-ion batteries and management system which generate a power output of more than 40kW (upgrade to 96.7kW available), while its electric motor delivers 145kW. This ensures a highly responsive, fun and exciting driving experience; and with the addition of the optional extreme performance motor package, drivers can take the INIZIO from zero-to-sixty in 3.4 seconds.

Unlike traditional super cars equipped with internal-combustion engines, the INIZIO has no tail pipe, and thus no emissions of Co2 or other greenhouse gases. A combination of the INIZIO’s regenerative braking system, innovative lithium-ion battery packs, and extreme power package enables the car to deliver a range of up to 250 miles (321km) on one full charge. INIZIO owners can expect a battery life of 2500+ full charges, and charging the INIZIO is easy and convenient to do at home with a standard 220V outlet. With as little as 8 hours needed for a full battery charge, drivers have ample time and access to enable an overnight refresh of the battery life.

Certain design elements also work to minimize the car’s environmental impact: The INIZIO’s moveable back wing provides optimum down force and is coupled with a ridge embedded in the body of the car, cleverly designed to redirect airflow, thus reducing wind noise and drag, and maximizing overall energy efficiency.

Intelligent Battery Management System (BMS)

The INIZIO employs an exclusive and advanced battery management system developed to provide support, and information to drivers 24 hours a day. Connected to Li-ion Motors global-reaching data center, one of the key features is the system’s remote diagnostic system that proactively monitors and diagnoses the INIZIO before it can encounter error, notifying both Li-ion Motors and the driver well in advance of any future diagnosis that may be made.

More importantly, the BMS serves to protect, enhance, and take the guess work out of every day driving. The dash-mounted LCD touch screen monitor displays INIZIO’s remaining power, in addition to notifying and guiding the driver to a selection of nearby charging stations. It also monitors and displays battery temperature, power consumption, drive time and distance driven.

“The battery management system is critical to the best driving experience and most optimum efficiency possible,” said Luc Pham, Electrical Engineering Manager for Li-ion Motors. “We believe owning and driving any car should be a stress-free and enjoyable experience, and the INIZIO’s intelligent BMS system works for the driver to make this possible.” Additionally, side and rear-view mirrors are coupled with high-definition cameras to give drivers a 360-degree view of space around the car for the safest and most visually enhanced driving experience.

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