NEW YORK, NY – May 30, 2007 – America has spoken, and if you want to get “busy” this summer, you best get behind some smokin’ hot wheels. Lifeskool TV, the only free On Demand television network providing exclusive content that inspires and informs, today released the results of its “Cars & Summer Romance Survey,” a kicky poll to determine the link between the cars we drive and the quality of our summer love lives. The survey is being released in tandem with the premiere of the network’s newest On Demand series, The Cars You Want, hosted by automobile maven Ezra Dryer.

Lifeskool’s “Cars & Summer Romance Survey” polled 1,000 men and women coast to coast to gauge their attitudes about cars and amour – what cars say about our romantic potential and how they may be broadcasting information about our romantic shortcomings. Here’s a look at the results:

* Think You’ll Go “All the Way” In Your Car This Summer? – Peeping Tom alert! An astounding 70% of respondents hope to find themselves in a love clutch in their automobile this summer!

* The Car Most Likely to Make Its Owner “Lucky in Love” This Summer? – When it comes to romantic foreigners, the Germans may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the cars they make are another story. If you want to get lucky in love this summer according to the Lifeskool TV survey, it’s best to own a BWM (30%) or Mercedes (24%). But don’t despair Detroit, next up on the cars to make you lucky tally is a Classic Era Corvette (15%), amazingly ahead of the sophisticated Rolls Royce (8%), Bentley (7%) and Euro-Racers Lamborgini and Ferrari, which tied with the cute VW Beetle and Mini Cooper (4% each). Rocker boys beware, that old Ford Econoline hauling your indie band cross-country isn’t going to cut it this summer. It garnered 0% as the wheels to make you lucky in love.

* Would You Ever Date Someone Just Because of His or Her Car? – Detroit and Japan will be happy to hear that the answer is a resounding “yes.” Sixty-six percent of respondents said they would date someone just because they drive a hot car.

* Which Car Is A Sign that a Man is Overcompensating for his Fragile Ego or Physical “Shortcoming”? – According to our survey, Humvee owners may not only be broadcasting their lack of concern about fuel economy, but possible shortcomings in the physical department as well. Thirty-percent of respondents say Hummer owners are using their cars to compensate for shortcomings, followed by owners of the Cadillac Escalade (20%), Lamborgini (18%) and Ferrari owners (15%). Also rating in the overcompensation tally, Monster Truck owners (10%) and vintage muscle car owners (7%).

* In your adult, post-school years, have you ever had a romantic encounter in a car? — Even though they can afford home mortgages and hotel rooms, American adults still seem to have a thing for back seats. A whopping 49% say they’ve “gone all the way” in a car in their post-academic years, while 10% have gone to “third base, 9% “first base” and 6% “second base.” Twenty-six percent say they’ve been auto-celibate and forget what the bases mean anyway.

* Which Quality of A Person’s Car Contributes Most to its Owner’s “Attractiveness”? – Think green, and we’re not talking Al Gore green. Thirty-five percent of respondents say “the cost” of their paramour’s car gets their motor running.

* Would You Ever Reject Someone Romantically Just Because of His or Her Car? – Good news here for used car owners – 55% said they wouldn’t snub advances by an intended because of the quality of their wheels. On the other hand, 45% said they would, so you might want to start checking out the rates on new car loans, Romeo!


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