The Stone Woods & Cooke Gasser. Image: Mecum Auctions
Marengo, IL – September 12, 2008 — This very special competition 1969 Corvette is one of those cars that makes the blood run hot and your fingers itch to grab the steering wheel and head down the quarter-mile track. In the 1960s, the heyday of gassers at the drag strips, these cars excited drivers and fans alike. The car being offered at the Mecum October St. Charles auction is an excellent example of what made it all so exciting. Yes, it’s a Hemi (a 392 bored out to 454 cubic inches) and there are still a number of those around, but not many with 1,247 horsepower! Coupled with a B&M automatic 3-speed transmission, this beauty really laid the rubber down.

This 1969 Corvette has a full history, reaching back to the barnstorming days when it was known in a previous incarnation as “Goldfinger.” The car was re-bodied from the original Ford Anglia to a 1969 Corvette. Steve Korney then raced it across the country in the Stone Woods & Cooke livery, turning a career best time of 8.20 and 172 mph – burning gas – and 6.70/220 on nitro. It was a “performer” in every sense of the word!

The car was retired at the end of the 1975 season and stored in California for thirty years; kept fresh by regular starting and running through the gears. It is now fully restored, to Korney’s great pleasure, and all the original components have been retained. The car has been returned its original paint scheme, colors and lettering. It promises to be a real hit at the popular vintage drags and fans will be excited to see a car that gave power a new meaning in the gasser arena.

The 1969 Chevrolet Corvette AA/GS Stone Woods & Cooke Gasser is another Mecum Main Attraction of an estimated 800 collectible classics that will attract a crowd of thousands to the 13th Annual Mecum St. Charles, Illinois Auction, October 3-5, 2008 at the Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles, IL. The car is will be sold with No Reserve price on Saturday, October 4, as lot number S129. The general public is welcome, with tickets available at the door for $10. For complete information about this auction, visit Details for this car may be found on the Mecum web site here.

“No Reserve” Explained
Most cars sold at a Mecum auction have a “Reserve” price; the seller has set a minimum price for the sale of the car and the bidding must meet or exceed that price for the car to sell. A car with a “No Reserve” price is one where the highest bid, regardless of the amount, will buy the car. At a Mecum auction, the seller decides if they want to sell the car with or without a reserve price.

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