Our friend and famous motorsports photographer Bob Dunsmore has been hospitalized following a diagnosis of acute myelogenous leukemia and is undergoing chemo with the eventual aim of a bone marrow transplant. His friends, Debbie and Darrel, are looking after him. Although he has health insurance, it is anticipated that the costs of finding a bone marrow donor will not be covered.

Standard chemotherapy was going to be the protocol until the doctors found a defective chromosome in his DNA which would make the chemo protocol less effective. Because of this defect and the seriousness of the AML, Bob was accepted into a clinical trial at Oregon Health and Science University to receive not only the standard protocol but a new drug that is suppose to kill the defective chromosome and to put the AML into remission. If remission is successful, then a bone marrow transplant would be the next procedure.

The generosity of the vintage racing community is legendary and we hope all of you will see fit to support Bob during his time of illness. If you are able to help financially, please see the contact information at the end of this post. Your cards and letters would also lift his spirits immensely during his hospital stay – PO Box 80008, Portland, OR 97280.

Bob has given his ok to let everyone know what’s going on. His prognosis is, at best, guarded. He is aware that any and all of the procedures he will be enduring are life-threatening, but as his cancer specialist told him, this is his best chance of survival. He will be in isolation for about 3 days, and in the hospital for approximately 6 weeks. In a nutshell, the goal is to get him into remission, find a donor for the bone marrow and have the transplant.

If you wish to help financially, or if you would like further updates on Bob’s condition, please contact Debbie and Darrel using the information below.

Debbie and Darrel
D&D Ceramics
[email protected]
9745 SW Denney Rd.
Beaverton, OR. 97008
Phone 503 646-7600
Fax 503 574-2331

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