“Who’s Porsche is that? Oh, it’s Laura’s.”
EINDHOVEN, Netherlands – There’s a unique new way for Porsche owners, male and female, to give their car its own special identity.

Where the model type normally goes, you can now opt to have the wording of your choice in the same style of lettering. Normally, where the model names now go, such as Cayenne, Turbo, Carrera, Cayman or Boxer, the name of any owner, his girlfriend or boyfriend, dog, company or anything at all can be put on the car: from Bruce to Michelle, from David to Roxanne to Jade and so on.

What’s more, creative thinking can lead to all sorts of amusing phrases, with endless possibilities. How about: ‘My Seventh’ or ‘Thanks Daddy’? ‘Not Leased’ and ‘Follow Me’ are just a couple more examples. With its own unique wording, a Porsche becomes just a little more exclusive, and that’s what this unique new service is all about.

The lettering can also be ordered in different colors – black, silver, and even gold – at www.nameyourporsche.com, where you’ll also find a range of examples and full information about quality, price, and delivery all over the world.

For more information please contact: Milou van der Zanden, Name your Porsche, +31-40-2920710, milou@

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