December 4, 2007. Grafton, WI –-Perfection Autosport, the creators of the world’s first E body Charger, and designer David Salvaggio, Jr. once again receive feature recognition for the innovative design and creation of the 1968 Dodge Charger R/Te.

“It’s easy to have designs on what’s come before or some version of that, but coming up with something unique that is also appealing continually challenges the imagination of every creative force.” That’s how writer and photographer Stephen K. Anderson describes the design concept that eventually shaped one of the most unique and creative Dodge Chargers on the planet.

Utilizing ten full color pages, Steve chronicles the design and build of the R/Te, taking the reader from concept to completion with not only well written and thoroughly researched text, but with amazing hi-definition photography. The stunning pictorial was shot on sight in Columbus, Ohio during the Good Guys PPG Nationals in July. Making his illustrations even more impressive is the fact that these shots were taken outside in natural light. No supporting studio lighting or rigging, no special assistants – just the keen eye of a true professional!

The December issue is Super Rod’s “Big Build Issue”, so in addition to the beautiful finished photos, there is an extensive collection of in-shop build shots that illustrate for the reader some of the extensive fabrication work that make the R/Te so special. “Anything but simple, even describing this eclectic process can test the understanding of all but a few gifted visionaries.”

Perfection Autosport is located in Grafton, Wisconsin and focuses on the design and creation of one-of-a-kind, street driven high-performance luxury automobiles and fine high-end restoration of American made muscle cars. Our unwavering insistence on complete functionality drives our passion to create the ultimate in high-performance luxury automobiles and restored vehicles. See complete details of The Dodge Charger R/Te and our other creations on our website at Please direct any questions to Jimi Day, Director – Sales & Marketing.

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