RM Auctions is delighted to present two significant private collections, The Muckel Collection and The Complete Collection of Jack Dunning, at its 13thannual Hershey sale, held on Thursday 10 October and Friday, 11 October during the Antique Automobile Club of America’s (AACA) Eastern Division Fall Meet. Rich in early automotive history, these collections join the previously announced Merrick Auto Museum Collection at the Pennsylvania auction.

TheMuckel Collectionfocuses on the early decades of motoring, featuring eight significant Brass Era vehicles known today as orphan cars—built by manufacturers that have discontinued business entirely—from well-known Southern California collector Mr. John Muckel. As a passionate car enthusiast, Mr. Muckel enjoys driving each of his cars on a regular basis whether on the street or in Brass Era tours and driving events around the world. Every car in the collection is on a strict maintenance and driving schedule to ensure they are all ready to use at any given time. Leading the highlights is a 1908 Oldsmobile Limited Prototype, the sole surviving prototype of one of the largest, most powerful Brass Era machines. Prior to joining the Muckel Collection, the Oldsmobile was a centerpiece in the renowned Barney Pollard Collection. Having underwent a beautifully detailed restoration by Allan Schmidt, the classic prototype is a true king of the road, ideal for both concours and Brass touring (Est.$550,000-$750,000).

Joining the Oldsmobile on the auction block is a 1912 LocomobileM-48 7 Passenger Torpedo Touringand a 1908 Stanley Model M Five-Passenger Touring. The Locomobile comes to auction with known history since the early 1930s. Sporting a beautiful older restoration and a former winner of the AACA Cup, the touring car is a great example of one of America’s best-engineered Brass Era vehicles (Est. $400,000-$600,000). The most powerful and fastest road-going Stanley model ever produced, the Model M set for RM Auctions’ Hershey sale is an ideal steam tour car. Wearing a well-maintained, older restoration, the car was formerly owned by Richard C. Paine and Otis Chandler (Est. $250,000-$300,000).

The Complete Collection of Jack Dunningis comprised of 14 iconic American Classics, ranging from 1907 to 1951. A long-time Classic Car Club of America (CCCA) member, Jack Dunning has shown his exceptional lineup of cars all over the United States. Jack takes great pride in restoring his cars with accuracy and authenticity, as well as maintaining them to the highest standard thereafter, as reflected by the awards that his restorations have won in AACA, CCCA, ACD Club, and national concours competitions. A highlight within the collection sure to steal the spotlight in Hershey is a 1931 Marmon Sixteen Coupe by LeBaron, equipped with its original chassis and engine, and one of just six surviving with its original body.Offered from four owners since new, the Marmon joins the Hershey lineup in beautiful condition, exhibiting an award-winning restoration, having achieved an AACA National First Prize and CCCA Senior Premier honors (Est. $650,000-$850,000, offered without reserve).

Also offered from Jack Dunning’s collection are a 1929 Auburn 120 Eight Speedster and a 1931 Duesenberg Model J Limousine by Willoughby. The multi-award-winning Auburn Speedster is offered at auction from single ownership since 1959. A genuine example, the Speedster is one of just two dozen authentic, original first-generation models that remain in existence today, of which only a few are equipped with the most powerful 120-horsepower “Big Eight” engine, including the example set for RM Auctions’ sale (Est. $275,000-$350,000, offered without reserve). The Duesenberg Model J comes to RM Auctions Hershey sale with well-known history since new and retaining its original chassis, engine, and body as delivered. Presented in largely original condition, the Model J is ideal for further preservation and enjoyable touring in CCCA CARavans and other events (Est. $650,000-$750,000, offered without reserve).

“Our Hershey event has always been a true auction destination for private collections, and this year is no different,” says Gord Duff, Global Head of Auctions, RM Sotheby’s Group. “Both John Muckel and Jack Dunning’s collections represent opportunities to acquire beautifully restored and carefully maintained iconic motor cars. You’d be hard-pressed to find Brass Era and American Classic cars elsewhere in comparable cosmetic and mechanical condition, that have been so meticulously cared for.”

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