NAPOLEON, Ohio – In addition to its famed “Last”(tm) Corvette Sting Ray, ProTeam Classic Corvette Collection and Sales plans to sell two 1963 Corvette Split Window Coupe tankers during the Barrett Jackson Auction in Scottsdale, Ariz., on Saturday, Jan. 20, 2007.

The ‘Vettes are two of only 63 Corvettes manufactured in 1963 that boast the 36-gallon fuel tank option.* Plus, 1963 was the only year the Split Window Corvette was ever produced.

“These Corvettes are the only matched pair of 1963 Corvette Split Window tankers known to exist,” said Terry Michaelis, president of ProTeam. “They are premier cars that would serve as the keystone of any collection.”

“The only thing better than a classic, rare collector car is a near identical one to match it,” said Craig Jackson, CEO of the Barrett-Jackson Auction Company. “ProTeam’s red 327 cid/250 hp V8 (Lot #1280) and 327 cid/360 hp FI V8 (Lot #1280.1) Split Window Coupe Tankers offer extensive documentation, including race history. Adding two ’63 Corvette Tankers to any collection in one shot will be a memorable experience for the high bidders. This will be a very special day for the lucky bidders who capture these fine jewels.”

Both Corvettes are Riverside Red and lay claim to a wide array of awards and honors, including NCRS Top Flight certification. His and her ‘Vettes, one is a full-optioned car, while the other is a Z06 with a unique history.

More of a rarity than its counterpart, the ladies’ car is a full-optioned Corvette that is one of only two 1963 Corvettes to feature the unique option combination of the 36-gallon tank and air conditioning. In 1963, the first year for air conditioning, only 278 factory air-conditioned Corvettes were produced.

“This ‘Vette is a touring car with all the comfort features available at the time, including air and an automatic transmission,” Michaelis said.

The number-matching model also features a 327-cubic inch/250-horsepower V8 engine, automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, power windows, tinted glass, original Kelsey cast aluminum knock-off wheels and the original non-D.O.T. tires. It has bucket seats with a red interior. In addition to its extraordinary option combination, the car also comes with a copy of the original title, license registration dating to 1980, dealer delivery packet with ’63 owner protection plan, original operating instructions for the air conditioner and the original keys on the delivering dealer key chain. The NCRS certificate, ribbon, judging sheets and old magazine articles are also included.

“This car is very well documented. Its previous owner had the car for almost 30 years. And its first owner was a friend of John Mecom of Mecom Racing in Houston, Texas, which may explain why or how this car came to have such rare options,” Michaelis said.

Its fellow bookend, a man’s ‘Vette, is one of only 199 Z06 Corvettes manufactured in 1963 (and one of 63 produced with the 36 gallon gas tank option), and boasts an impressive past including participation in a NASA experiment. The car was raced by former owner Jack Moore on courses from Canada to Daytona from 1963 to 1965. In 1963, Moore and the car participated in a NASA-sponsored experiment entitled “Responses of Healthy Subjects to the Stresses of Selected Athletic Events.” The study monitored Moore and his vitals during the 1963 Watkins Glen Grand Prix USRRC Manufacturers Race held June 28-30, 1963 and again at Bridgehampton on Sept. 13-14.

The ex-race car features an assortment of modifications as part of its Z06 package (RPO Z06) including a 20 percent larger diameter front antiroll bar, a vacuum brake booster, a dual master cylinder, sintered-metallic brake linings within power-assisted Al-Fin drums cooled by front air scoops and vented backing plates, larger diameter shocks and springs nearly twice as stiff as standard.

“The Z06 option was an extra $1,818.45 over the base coupe price of $4,252,” Michaelis added. “Making this car more valuable from the day it left the assembly plant.”

In addition to being a Z06 package, the ‘Vette is also a radio delete car optioned with a 327 cubic inch/360 horsepower engine, power brakes, posi, fuel injection and a four speed transmission. It has a Tuxedo Black interior and 6.70×15 inch white stripe tires.

The Riverside Red pair of tankers – and their memorabilia – will be sold at no reserve as lot numbers 1280 and 1280.1. Early estimates have the pair going for as much as $1 million.

Both cars will appear on the cover of the March, 2007 issue of Amos Automotive Publishing’s Corvette Enthusiast magazine, which hits the newsstands in early January, 2007. The magazine will also have a feature story and special four-color pull out poster on these special vehicles.

ProTeam Classic Corvette Collection and Sales, based in Napoleon, Ohio, showcases the largest inventory of classic Corvettes in the world. Almost $20 million worth of Corvettes are displayed in 90,000 square feet of showrooms and restoration facilities in Napoleon, Ohio, and Auburn, Ind., with nearly 200 classic Corvettes on display at any time. For additional information, contact ProTeam at P.O. Box 606, Napoleon, Ohio 43545, call 888.592.5086 or visit

*Option code NO3 36-gallon fuel tank was offered for four years, 1963-1967. Sixty-three 1963 Corvettes were produced with the NO3 tank. Purchasing a “big tank” Corvette typically required the approval of General Motors executives and was an opportunity that was limited to Corvette racers. Consequently, the big tanks are seldom found on cars that do not also feature the Z06 or race package options, as ProTeam’s air conditioned big tank coupe.

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