The Collectors Foundation presented its first “Collectors Foundation Trophy” at the Newport Concours d’Elegance this past Sunday, May 23. Collectors Foundation Executive Director Bob Knechel said, “I selected Ned Gorski and his personally restored 1965 Porsche Continental (1 of 6) because for me he exemplified the best of what the Foundation hopes to accomplish. That is to encourage young people to be engaged in the hobby (Ned is 40 years old), to support excellence in restoration (he spent 18 years researching, locating parts, and putting it all together), and to support an enthusiast who has the respect of other serious collectors (as reflected in the conversations I had with other entrants). Ned an asset to the hobby now and for the future.

Pictured on the ground are an amazing array of original items that were available for the Continental – original manual, tools, travel case, and so on. As Kenchel stated above, Ned spent the past 18 years putting this gem together and fining most of the parts on eBay – trading and retrading until he had all the right and original pieces.

Ned is Chief Engineer with Grunberg Management in Hartford, CT.

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