Russo and Steele is pleased to announce an additional sale date to its 10th Anniversary auction event in Monterey, California this August 12-14, 2010. The Monterey auction event will present a range of the most luxurious and collectable European sports, American muscle, hot rods and custom automobiles suitable to satisfy any automotive desires. Located at the epicenter of the historic, downtown Monterey, Russo and Steele at the Marriott hotel will provide every enthusiast a unique and memorable event.

The additional evening program will see Russo and Steele extend its annual, highly-anticipated Monterey auction event to three days, with the auction kicking off Thursday, August 12th at 3:00 pm with a hosted Cocktail Reception leading into the automobile auction at 5:00 pm.

“After receiving overwhelming requests from clients that want to participate in our 10th Anniversary Monterey auction and seeing a 25% increase in bidder registration already, expanding the show into a three evening program was the natural evolution,” explained Drew Alcazar, owner of Russo and Steele. “Our 10th Anniversary has received tremendous amounts of attention and limitless amounts of support from the entire collector automobile industry. With the additional Thursday evening auction, Monterey at the Marriott will undoubtedly exemplify the high energy experience and phenomenal quality automobiles enthusiasts have come to expect from Russo and Steele.”

Several of the significant examples offered at this event include the following:

1965 Shelby Cobra CSX2461 – This triple-black example of a 1965 Shelby Cobra, CSX 2461 offered here embodies all the qualities of elegance, style and performance these pure sports cars are known for to a T. Restored to a very high standard and equipped with correct knock-off English-style wire wheels, a walnut steering wheel and racing-inspired Weber carburetion under the hood, its desirability as a collectible driver needs no explanation nor does the quality of its re-commissioning raise any question.

1933 Auburn Salon Boatail Speedster – Offered here is serial number 1935 H, and is perhaps one of the most attractive, opulent and powerful examples of its type. 1935 H was inspected by the ACD and Certification completed in April of 1997. A copy of the certificate and ACD records are available upon request.

On completion of its most recent restoration, this Auburn Salon Speedster handily won Best in Show and the Prestigious AB Jenkins Award at the October, 2009 West Coast Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg meet in Santa Maria, California. Naturally, it remains in show-ready condition throughout and will stand the scrutiny of the most discriminating of fine automobile collectors the world over.

Over the past ten years Russo and Steele’s Monterey event has been described as a must attend auction of the year. For more information, visit

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