SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA (October 20, 2009) – Russo and Steele Collector Automobile Auctions is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this January 20-24, 2010 in Scottsdale, Arizona. As one of the nation’s premier collector car auctions it specializes in European sports cars, American muscle cars, hot rods and customs. Scottsdale’s auction event offers over 600 automobiles over five days.

In 1955, the first Chrysler 300 (C-300) was offered. It had Exner’s distinctive styling and the 331 hemi. It received its name, 300, because of its ability to produce 300 horsepower. It also had extra firm suspension, which made it lower and gave it the ability to corner far better than most cars. Due to its luxurious, leather interior the C-300 was the true “gentleman’s fast car.”

The 300s were so fast they dominated NASCAR in 1955 and 1956, winning the overall championship both years. In 1960, Chrysler created one of the most valuable of all post-war collectable cars, the 300F “Specials.” It is thought that nine or ten of the 300F “Specials” with a 400HP engine were made and only four exist today. Two are the original beach racers and two are cars built after Daytona.

Chrysler’s primary focus with their altered 1960 300F “Specials” was to construct a formidable automobile with one objective; to win at NASCAR’s Flying Mile events. It was equipped with in a 4 speed French Pont-a-Mausson transmission and they changed the cross rams internally to achieve 15’ of ram instead of 30’ of ram allowing them to achieve more top end horsepower. The compression ratio was raised to 10 to 1, from 9.25 to 1 and the special low back pressure headers were cast. They blocked the carburetor heat to lower its temperatures and built the motor with special limit clearances to minimize friction. The rear axle was changed to 2.93 from 3.31 and Perfect Circle provided new low tension piston rings. A high lift cam and solid lifters were installed. And, to make the total package complete, Goodyear provided special new, low power absorbing Blue Streak tires.

The 300F “Specials” took the first seven positions in the Daytona Flying Mile. Six of the seven, the seventh being an engineering protype, shattered the speed record of 139.549 mph, that was held by the 300B of Warren Koechiling since 1956. In fact, NASCAR founder Bill France was the flag man on the beach that day. He sensed that something very historic was about to take place and he was right. It was one of the most comprehensive wins by a single marque in the history or recorded motorsports.

This particular 1960 300F “Special” that will be offered at Russo and Steele’s 10th Anniversary Scottsdale auction is NASCAR’s all time “Flying Mile” record holder [class 7} with the speed of 144.927 mph; driven by Daytona Superstar Gregg Ziegler. This 11,000 mile survivor is the only unrestored, 4 speed model in existence today. Along with its record breaking achievements and its documentation, this 300F “Special” will be sold with the winning set of tires specially designed by Gregg Ziegler and Goodyear (only set in the world) and the original battery installed by the manufacture. This piece of the Chrysler 300 letter cars is an interesting and valuable marque. Not only is this “Beautiful Brute” a significant piece of Nascar and Daytona racing history, but it is the biggest and most historic Chrysler 300 and Fin Car that will ever cross the auction block. This once in a life time, Smithsonian grade automobile will be offered Russo and Steele 10th Anniversary auction event this January 20-24, 2010. For additional details visit or call 602.252.2697.

The tenth anniversary celebration will be held at Russo and Steele’s traditional auction site located at the intersection of the loop 101 freeway and North Scottsdale Road. In honor of this momentous occasion, Russo and Steele is inviting everyone out whether you are a bidder, consignor or fellow enthusiasts for what is going to be the biggest celebration in Scottsdale this January 20-24, 2010. Check the Russo and Steele website for updates and additional information.

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