The 1958 Ferrari 250 Pininfarina Cabriolet, s/n 0799GT, which was seized by the Connecticut State Police on September 4, 2008, has been returned to its owner. The car was reported stolen from a Spanish warehouse in 1993. The owner of the car, SCMer BH, who purchased the car in November 2000, has maintained that the car was properly purchased and is rightfully his. The authorities involved now appear to concur with the owner. See what’s been said at Ferrari chat here.

Like many classic Ferraris, 0799GT has a long and documented history, as noted in this SCM timeline. SCM has been following this case since it began; read John Draneas’s “Legal Files” article on the story here.

BH has gotten his Ferrari back, but attendant legal issues continue. Hallingby has sued Gerald Roush and his Ferrari Market Letter, and John Barnes and his Cavallino magazine, for libel and slander in relation to this case, with $5m in damages sought. See the court filing here.

SCM will continue to post more information as the case unfolds. We contacted the owner who told us he was delighted that the car had been ‘returned to the rightful owner’ (quoting the return order), but could not comment further due to the continuing litigation. He did, however, supply us with the exclusive below photo.


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