Genoa, Italy. February 8, 2008 –The appointment with the Coppa Milano – Sanremo is on 7th March in Piazza del Duomo in Milan. This widely followed event involves wonderful vintage cars from all over the world along with celebrities from the world of show-business and sports. The final destination is Sanremo which will be reached on 9th March. A fascinating historical kermess that has reached its sixth edition. No one can afford to miss it.

There will be 180 participants in the historical road race that is promoted and sponsored by the Automobile Club Milano and consists of twenty trials as per C.S.A.I. (Commissione Sportiva Automibilistica Italiana) Calendar. The level of the cars registered in the race is exceptional, all belonging to the years in which they raced during the historical editions of the Coppa Milano – Sanremo, from 1906 to 1973.

The manifestation is realized and organized by MAC Events and Meet Comunicazione, the team of specialized companies that, starting from next year together with SanremoRally, will also organise the Mille Miglia. In keeping with tradition, the cars meet at the Autodromo di Monza on Friday 7th March 2008 and from there will parade to the Piazza del Duomo in downtown Milan.The official presentation to the public of all the vintage cars in the race is scheduled for 4 p.m.

The breathtaking stops at Villa Sparina (Gavi) and along the antique villages of the Genoese countryside have all been confirmed. The panoramic routes along the Passo del Turchino and on the Passo del Faiallo are once more a much loved part of the agenda and will accompany the race through very charming small towns and villages, towards the Western Riviera, where the race reaches its final destination in the “città dei fiori”, on Sunday 9th March.

The Gala Dinner will be held in Genoa, on Saturday 8th March at the Acquarium located in the Porto Antico. Guests will sit down to dinner amongst the charm of the most exclusive tanks of the complex that houses the flora and fauna from the whole world. The finishing point of the race is scheduled for Sunday 9th March at 4.30 p.m. in the Piazza Colombo in Sanremo.

As per the previous revivals, the 2008 one will see the participation of famous people from the political and business world, both Italian and foreign, as well as celebrities from show-business.


The stop in Monza (Thursday afternoon and Friday morning) including the possibility of performing free rounds on the track, remains a fixed feature for the 2008 revival as well.

Both the cars meeting point on Friday afternoon and the departure on Saturday morning will be in Milan. The route remains the same up to Serravalle Scrivia, with lunch at Villa Sparina.

New for 2008:

From Serravalle Scrivia the return on the 2005 route passing through the towns of Gavi, Voltaggio (without entering into the towns) and then descending to Busalla, Avosso and Lumarzo.

Right before Uscio, the turn that brings to the road of the Monte Fasce where the last timed trials of the day are held (the same as 2007 except that they are carried out on Sunday morning).

At the end of the stop on the hills of Genoa, the cars descend in Corso Italia and, through a guided route, they reach Via XX Settembre and then Piazza De Ferrari, where the cars are presented to the Genoese public. Once more back to Via XX Settembre reaching the parking of Piazza della Vittoria where they will be parked for the night.
In the evening the Gala Dinner at the Acquarium of Genoa.

On Sunday morning, the transfer from Piazza della Vittoria to Piazza De Ferrari (once again passing through Via XX Settembre) for the start of this stop. Traveling along the Sopraelevata and the highway exiting at Voltri, the cars go on to the Passo del Turchino and then the Passo del Faiallo and then run along the same route as 2006.

When they reach Spotorno, where the morning stop finishes, the cars go back on the highway and exit at Feglino. They then go towards Final Borgo for the lunch stop, in the Chiostri di Santa Caterina (like in 2003). The cars will be exhibited in the wonderful historical centre of Final Borgo. The race is resumed outside the walls of the town and reaches Finale Ligure where the first trials of the afternoon are held. Leaving Finale, the cars head towards Borgio Verezzi and Pietra Ligure following the same route as in 2007, reaching the finishing post in Sanremo.


The Sixth Revival of the Milano Sanremo Cup is sponsored and supported by the Automobile Club Milano.Co-sponsor of the manifestation: Alfa RomeoThe race is on the ACI CSAI and FIA sports calendar.In co-operation with the Autodromo di Monza




ASI, FIVA, Regione Liguria, Regione Lombardia, Provincia di Imperia, Provincia di Milano, Comune di Algenga, Comune di Alessandria, Comune di Corsico, Comune di Lavagna, Comune di Gambolò, Comune di Genova, Comune di Imperia, Comune di Milano, Comune di Spotorno, Comune di Serravalle Scrivia, Comune di Tromello.

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