Costa Mesa, CA — When dusk settles upon the grounds of Laguna Seca Golf Ranch on August 13, “one-of-a-kind” Alfa Romeo concept cars will be protected through the misty night by Touchless Car Covers. Three of the BAT series cars date back to the 1950s. Alfa Romeo and Concorso Italiano wanted the best car cover available to secure the safety and protect the finishes of this unique collection of automobiles.

Thanks to the Blackhawk Museum, the three legendary Alfa Romeo BAT (1953-1955) cars will be on display, joined by the recently designed BAT 11, and they’ll all be unveiled for public view at Concorso Italiano on August 14.

The Touchless Car Cover has received accolades worldwide with sales abroad to 5 continents. In addition, the product has garnered media exposure world wide.

The design makes for easy storage when using the Touchless Car Cover outdoors. Additionally, there is a fascinating and easy set up process that allows the Touchless Car Cover to remain set up inside a garage so it can be used in a “Drive-in Drive-out” fashion.

Legendary late night host and car enthusiast, Jay Leno, was right on target when he said, “Boy, this a cool product” during a prototype demonstration at Jay Leno’s Garage in Burbank, California.

The Touchless Car Cover is now available at The Suggested Retail Price of the Touchless Car Cover is $299.00.

A gallery of photos are available for viewing at After using the Touchless Car Cover a few times, users will find that they can set up or remove the cover in less than one minute.

Those interested in becoming a stocking dealer of the Touchless Car Cover either in the United States or abroad should contact the company via email at [email protected] or by phone at 949-632-2867

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