Worldwide Auctioneers, responsible for the sale of some of the world’s most significant automobiles, is proud to present a unique 1970 Monteverdi Hai 450 SS Prototype at the Houston Classic Auction, on May 3rd. One of only four ever built, this is the only example existing outside the Monteverdi museum and is the sole car to carry the legendary 450hp “Hemi” engine. In the words of Rod Egan, Chief Auctioneer and Managing Partner of Worldwide Auctioneers; “This is an extraordinary opportunity to own one of the greatest functioning prototypes of any kind ever built. It is the first time that this car has been offered to the public since the death of the legendary Peter Monteverdi and it is likely to be the last time that it is available in the foreseeable future”.

Monteverdi was a Swiss brand of luxury cars, created in 1967 to prove to the world that Swiss engineering could equal that of the Italian supercar manufacturers. The Hai 450 SS prototype debuted to strong critical acclaim at the 1970 Geneva Motor Show. Designed as a feature car, to draw attention to the earlier 375 series, it was the company’s first mid-engine design, with a huge 426 cubic inch Chrysler V-8 wedged between the passengers. This radical specification helped the vehicle live up to its “Hai” name, or shark, in German. Finished in “Purple Smoke”, a unique shade of magenta, it was styled by Trevor Fiore of Fissore. Although Monteverdi received many requests for the car, he refused, considering it too powerful for the inexperienced driver. Indeed his concern was legitimate, as the Hai would post a record speed as the fastest production car ever manufactured to that time, with a stated conservative top speed of 180 mph.

Recently acclaimed by the Editor of Classic & Sports Car, as the “Near Mythical Hai” and “best car I drove in 2007”, this vehicle is the original 1970 Geneva Motor Show prototype. John Kruse, Managing Partner of Worldwide Auctioneers stated; “With modern supercar performance and fabulous design, this car has to be the ultimate Hemi. It presents the serious collector with a unique opportunity to acquire a vehicle that could be the centerpiece of any important collection.”

The Monteverdi will be joined on stage in Houston by over 100 other stunning European and American road and race cars, with an estimated overall value of $20 million.
For further details on any of these vehicles, or a full list of current consignments, please contact John Kruse or Rod Egan on 260-927-0000, or go to

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