Logan, UT – Wolf Automotive keeps Corvette owners covered with car covers officially licensed by General Motors to feature the distinctive brand logo for C1-C5 era Corvettes.

Featuring Kimberly-Clark Block-It(r) protective fabrics, Wolf car covers deliver exterior protection from dirt, dents, scratches, tree sap and everything else Mother Nature has to offer. For double protection, the covers also shield a vehicle’s interior from the hot sun, guarding against fading of dashboards and leather seats.

A universal or custom fit cover is available to fit each generation of Corvettes, including the 1953-1962 C1, 1963-1967 C2, 1968-1982 C3, 1984-1996 C4 and 1997-2004 C5.

“The corresponding Corvette era is silkscreened onto our car covers, which are impeccably tailored to fit the exact contours of these vehicles,” said Daniel Felsted, marketing manager, Global Accessories Inc. “A softer fabric protects the car’s shine while durable construction keeps away dirt, dust and other harmful environmental agents.”

Available Corvette car covers from Wolf are the Noah(r), Dustop(tm), Evolution(r), 380F and 200 Series.


Noah is Wolf’s most water-resistant cover, providing superior protection in all weather conditions without sacrificing the air flow your vehicle needs under the cover. They feature four layers, are available in light gray and are backed by a five-year limited warranty.


Dustop provides twice the indoor dust protection of woven flannels while offering comparably soft protection for your vehicle’s finish. It is engineered thicker to better prevent scratches and dings. Dustop is available in tan and is backed by a four-year limited warranty.


A new car cover fabric that’s soft, strong and offers paramount UV ray blocking ability, Evolution combines four nonwoven fabric layers to offer durable indoor and outdoor protection. It is available in gray and carries a four-year limited warranty.


The 380F car cover offers the best all-around barrier in a general protection fabric. Available in natural taupe, the cover is backed by a three-year limited warranty.

200 Series

The 200 Series cover is an ideal fabric choice for those looking for a combination of strength, air flow and water resistance in a mid-priced car cover. The lightweight and durable cover is designed to help defend against moisture without trapping condensation. The 200 Series is backed by a two-year limited warranty and available in light gray.

Custom fit covers are tailored to the Corvette’s precise contours with carefully handcrafted patterns to include side mirror pockets, reinforced side grommets and minimal single-direction seams for a sleek, exact-fitting appearance.

To find a cover for your Vette, visit www.global-accessories.com/products.

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