Round Top, Texas, June 26, 2007; One of the largest groups of collectors gathered this past Saturday, June 23rd to buy one of the most diverse collections of vintage automobiles at The Sterling McCall Museum Auction conducted by The Worldwide Group. The sale resulted in well over three million dollars worth of automobiles changing hands. Even the Mayor of Round Top, Texas (Population: 77) got into the act buying two cars; a 1931 Ford Model A and a 1950 Oldsmobile Coupe.

The private collection auction was conducted at the request of Mr. Sterling McCall, a very well known and respected new car dealer in the Houston, TX area.

“I don’t know that I have ever seen such a massive group of people at an auction,” Said Rod Egan, Auctioneer and Managing Partner of The Worldwide Group. “I think we may have overwhelmed Round Top with the amount of people that came to town this weekend. The auction was hugely successful!”

Bidders showed up in everything from pick-up trucks to private planes and even a helicopter that landed on the Sterling McCall property with two very serious collectors onboard. The bidders crowded into the museum and were shoulder to shoulder in order to be able to bid on the automobiles.

Highlights of the sale included a 1934 Duesenberg which sold for $407,000, a 1967 Toyota 2000 GT Coupe that sold for a record $231,000 and a 1930 Pierce Arrow Boattail Speedster that sold for $165,000.

“The bidding was very spirited and in several cases, the bids were coming at the auctioneer in rapid fire fashion,” said John Kruse. “Bidding wars broke out on several of the lots as bidders clamored for some very unique and special cars that were being made available for the first time in decades. It was an exciting event.”

“I was very pleased with the large crowd that came to the auction,” said Sterling McCall. “I am thrilled with the prices achieved by The Worldwide Group. They did an outstanding job, first class from start to finish.”

Several other museums and large individual collectors from the U.S. and Canada were on hand to purchase cars as well.

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Established by Rod C. Egan and John Kruse, The Worldwide Group – Auctioneers, Appraisers and Brokers and Restorers – is a result of the passion and lifelong dedication to the collector car industry that both have made. As one of the world’s premier auction houses, they specialize in the procurement and sale of some of the world’s finest automobiles and vintage wooden watercraft. The Worldwide Group is committed to facilitating the conversion and transfer of assets in a manner that positively benefits all parties involved. For media information please contact Vice President of Sales and Marketing, John Lyons at 860-883-3998, [email protected]


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