1930 Bentley Speed Six 6 1/2 Liter Le Mans Replica

At the heart of the Speed Six legend was a phenomenal chassis, which led to many original bodies being replaced with lightweight, homemade, “boy-racer” coachwork

The Bentley Speed Six positively shone in long distance endurance racing. At Le Mans in 1929, Woolf Barnato and Tim Birkin stormed to victory at an average speed of 73.62 mph. A year later, the fearless Barnato repeated the performance in the same car, this time accompanied by Glen Kidston. Second place also went to a Bentley, with Frank Clement and Dick Watney finishing close behind. The “Bentley Boys” legend was born and the Speed Six secured its unique place in motor racing history.

This Speed Six was erected in 1930 and fitted with Gurney Nutting coupe coachwork for its first owner. It was first registered GK 90. It had a further six owners in pre-war years and then a further six or so known owners recorded after the war. At some stage, the registration number was changed to AXX 890.

It is known that by 1970 the original coachwork was no longer with the car. In more recent years the car has been furnished with its present Le Mans Replica Vanden Plas-style coachwork, with fabric-covered body and blue livery. The blue leather upholstery is complemented by blue carpets and the car is superbly equipped with Lucas “bulls eye” headlights, center spotlight, fold-flat windscreen with twin aero screens, swivel spotlight incorporating rear view mirror, “B” motif doorstep plates, and of course the essential fishtail exhaust outlet. Full weather equipment of hood tonneau cover and side screens is provided and the car proudly sports the traditional Bentley Flying “B” radiator mascot and the obligatory twin bonnet straps.

This magnificent and most desirable Bentley model has not been used for two years or so and will require the usual careful recommissioning. The car comes from Swedish ownership, is exceptionally well documented and comes with copies of its history file from the Bentley Driver’s Club.