1934 Chrysler Custom Imperial CX Airflow

Courtesy of Auctions America
Courtesy of Auctions America

The Chrysler Airflow was a brilliant and revolutionary creation with the promise of cutting-edge design and technology. Easy flowing lines swept to the rear and allowed air currents to slip by while passengers relaxed and settled into seats as big and soft as divans. Artistry of the highest order was apparent in every detail of the refreshing, new-style interior. Chrysler was proud to proclaim that the new Airflow was the result of master craftsmen working with untiring hands to set a new standard for a custom-built motorcar, endowing the model with “the atmosphere of a smart, modern penthouse.”

Credit for the Airflow is properly given to engineer Carl Breer, who with Owen Skelton and Fred Zeder, formed Chrysler’s “Three Musketeers.” The streamlined shape was the result of groundbreaking wind-tunnel research with the assistance of aviation expert Orville Wright to study which forms were the most efficient shapes in nature that could be suitable for an automobile. Chrysler called it “the first real motorcar.” It was an engineering triumph, incorporating a combination of features rare when the Airflow was introduced, but eventually to become commonplace in automotive design.

Having received a full rotisserie restoration, this rare Airflow is concours-quality. The body, paint, chrome, brightwork and glass are all in excellent condition. Similarly, the soft green leather upholstery and interior is absolutely exquisite. It would be difficult to locate and purchase a finer example of the acclaimed Chrysler Airflow.


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