The Tipo 166 was the first of a distinguished line of Ferrari road/racing cars and to Gioacchino Colombo must go the credit for the design of the 60-degree V12 engine. With its single overhead camshaft and hairpin valve springs and wet cylinder liners, Colombo’s engine design was to be adopted for a long line of successful competition and road-going sports cars. The chassis was tubular, with independent front suspension and conservative leaf rear springs. The five-speed gearbox gave lively acceleration through the first four gear, and more relaxed overdrive motoring in the fifth gear. Farina, Touring, Vignale and Ghia were to provide coachwork for the 166, and Berlinettas like this example were built by Stabilimenti Farina on only four cars – chassis nos. 009S, 031S, 037S and 021S (this car). 021S was delivered new in July 1949 to B. Bojiolo of Milan, an esteemed customer no doubt personally vetted by Enzo before accepting his order. The car was to remain in Italy until 1962, and is thought to have seen little use before being shipped to Texas that year. In 1965 the car went to England, becoming part of the collection of a prominent Ferrari enthusiast. This car is presented in distinctive black livery, a refreshing change from the ubiquitous red cars, with brown interior and those amber control knobs which were so fashionable on luxury cars of the rather Spartan post-war years. It has covered very little mileage in the present ownership, and its present condition reflects meticulous maintenance and restoration for a long period, and storage in a heated garage. Last on the road about eighteen months ago, it has been started regularly in the interim, and is expected to be offered with a full certificate of roadworthiness and bills for work carried out. This fine and rare example comes with the documentation to support its distinctive and appropriate registration number.

SCM Analysis


Vehicle:1949 Ferrari 166 Inter coupe

021 S might have been the bargain of the 22 February Brooks sale. It changed hands at $100,152, premium included.

The value of 212 Inters, like so many early road-going Ferraris, is determined by the physical attractiveness and by the performance (i.e. one carburetor or three).

While 021 S is no Zagato, nonetheless it has a stylish, “Baby-Bentley R-Type Continental” look to it, and is one of only four cars built with this coachwork. Lack of wire wheels probably hurts the value, but still and all this car was very well bought. – ED.

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