1953 Cadillac Eldorado Custom

n 1953 the Cadillac Motor Car Company introduced the Eldorado line of cars. Original sales brochures described the car as “dramatically styled by Fleetwood to capture the heart of all America.” The standard equipment list read like a menu and it was far and away the most luxurious car America had mass produced in its long automotive history. The car was pure Hollywood and engendered names for its exterior trim and chrome­. For example the rear bumper protuberances became known as “Dagmars,” after the voluptuous television starlet of the day. At $7,750 it cost five times that of a Chevy and twice as much as a Cadillac ’62 convertible (the continental kit was extra).
GM styling head, Harley Earl, could not have guessed that the Eldorado would be met with such widespread acclaim or that it would be in such demand since only 532 were produced in 1953.
This 1953 Eldorado was the concept of its owner who, with the assistance of world renowned custom car builder John D’Agostino, assembled a team of skilled professionals to create one of the world’s most spectacular custom cars. It was built as a tribute to Marilyn Monroe who was often seen behind the wheel of her 1953 Cadillac Eldorado. The owner had this Eldorado for seventeen years prior to commissioning the custom work and it was in excellent overall condition, running smooth with 57,000 miles before the work commenced.