1955 MG TF 1500 Roadster

Courtesy of Bonhams
Courtesy of Bonhams

As popular now among enthusiasts of traditional British sports cars as it was in its heyday, the TF was mechanically little different from the outgoing TD II. The TF kept its predecessor’s body center section, while featuring a changed front end with shortened, sloping, radiator grille and headlamps faired into the wings — plus an improved interior with separately adjustable seats.

The TD’s 1,250-cc XPAG engine was retained at first, but the need for more power prompted the swift introduction — in November 1954 — of the TF 1500 (with 1,466-cc XPEG engine), which accounted for more than half of total production. With the larger engine, top speed improved by some 8 kilometers per hour (4.3 mph) and was now within a whisker of 145km/h (90 mph), with 100km/h (62 mph) coming up in around 16 seconds, more than two seconds quicker than the 1250.

Last in a noble line of traditionally styled MG sports cars, the TF sold well, and 9,600 were produced between October 1953 and May 1955.

Imported from the United States, this TF 1500 Midget was repainted in its rare factory gray livery in 2012. Most importantly, it retains its original red leather interior — preserved in magnificent condition. The original leather-trimmed dashboard is particularly worthy of note. Described as in generally excellent cosmetic and mechanical condition, the car is offered with French Carte Grise and Contrôle Technique.

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