1961 Ferrari 250 PF Cabriolet

By 1961, Ferrari was taking road cars very seriously and production was running at a rate of nearly one a day. The 250 GT, in both LWB and SWB forms therefore became the first ‘production’ Ferrari. With the company’s policy of developing models ‘on the run’, it meant that hardly any two cars were identical and improvements were made all the time.

In effect, the 250 GT chassis had become the common ground on which all coachbuilders fought for prominence, and Pininfarina emerged the clear winner. Customers had voted and thereafter Pininfarina became Ferrari’s first choice and made an incalculable contribution to the Ferrari legend.

The 1st Series PF Cabriolets were produced from 1957 to 59, with only 40 built. The 2nd Series was far more successful, with 200 built between 1959-62.

While having a powerful 3-liter Ferrari engine, the PF Cabriolets were really elegant touring cars that gave the wealthy enthusiasts of the time a stylish way to drive to summer resorts.

Most of the 250 PF cabriolets were exported to America, but European buyers included the French literary sensation, Francoise Sagan, and the most glamorous couple in the world, Roger Vadim and Brigitte Bardot.