1961 Lotus Elite S2 Coupe

This “barn discovery” Lotus Elite was first registered on December 14, 1961, according to the duplicate green logbook in its history file. It was owned by Mr. Peter John Gillett of Cobham in 1971 before it was sold to the last owner, Mr. Che Keng Saw, in August 1972. The Lotus was extricated from a garden in Essex by the executors of his estate and delivered for sale.

According to the Elite Club records, it would seem to be a car that was “lost” to them until now, but was first registered under the number 208DLL. Upon examination, it seems to be complete and still has the 1216-cc Coventry Climax engine with the four-branch manifold fitted, which was covered by newspapers dating from 1981 to 1983. We can therefore assume that this was the time it was placed into storage.
As it has twin SU carburetors, it may be a special equipment model. The engine seems to be free, though the generator is seized. It has the MG gearbox fitted and there is a spare gearbox in the car, as well as various other spares.

This exciting project, which could become a wonderful historic racer or concours road car, comes complete with the aforementioned green logbook and a copy of the Lotus Elite Profile publications.