1961 Mercedes-Benz 190SL Roadster

Why spend $132,709 for this car? One reason: Mercedes-Benz provides service and parts to keep it running

Mercedes-Benz managed, starting in May 1955, to produce a sports car that cost less than half the price of the very desirable — but hardly accessible — 300SL. The 190SL was a strong and sturdy car, and it was for a clientele more interested in a stylish machine than one of performance.

It was very well built, as has always been with Mercedes, so this car could be used on a daily basis, and a number of 190SLs have covered very impressive mileages. The car was offered in three versions: a roadster, which was a convertible with a finish that was rather crude; a coupe with more luxury and an optional removable hard top; and the Tourensports-wagen, which was intended as a more serious sportster that was lighter and equipped with windowless doors and a flyscreen instead of the windshield.

The car on offer is impressive, as its restoration has been very well executed. Looking at the 190SL, we immediately understand the quality of work done in terms of bodywork, mechanicals and interior. The owner bought this car with no backlog of bills, just got behind the wheel, and started using it with the understanding that this car is beautiful in every way. Nothing was left to chance — the car’s red leather upholstery is like new, and the carpets and the hood are of the same color. The paint is of a high quality, and the color combination is very elegant.

Alex Dearborn

Alex Dearborn - SCM Contributor

Alex is a retired vintage-car dealer and former Mercedes-Benz restorer. His vintage racing mounts include a Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing, a 190SL and a Lotus. Alex lives in Kittery Point, ME, and continues to exercise various old cars on road trips, often while doing appraisals.

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