1962 Aston Martin DB4 Series IV

The Aston Martin DB4 was introduced at the 1958 London Motor Show to great acclaim. Its beautiful yet understated coachwork was by the famed styling house Touring of Milan. Touring utilized the Superleggera process in which aluminum panels were attached to a steel tube frame, the overall effect being that the body was light, yet rigid. The newly designed Tadek Marek DOHC 3.7-liter engine produced an impressive 240 bhp, which propelled the Aston from 0 to 60 in under 10 seconds. Most notable, the Series IV DB4s featured a wider ratio gearbox, twin-plate Borg & Beck clutch and a much improved suspension system, all of which further elevated the DB4 well beyond most of its touring contemporaries.

The Aston Martin shown here is a thoroughly sporting example of the most desirable model produced, known today as the Series IV. It has benefited from a recent repaint and consequently appears to be in very presentable condition. For those collectors who appreciate and understand the benefit of originality, this example will surely appear more than attractive, as the interior has never been tainted by restoration. The engine bay and motor appear to be in presentable condition as well. This DB4 is also understood to be with its desirable tool roll, spare tire and jack.