1962 Ferrari 250 GTE/250 GT SWB Berlinetta

Introduced in 1960, the short-wheelbase was available in street or competition spec, with alloy bodywork on the lighter competition cars. All SWBs were more than capable as road cars,All SWBs were more than capable as road cars, with a level of trim and sound and weather proofing that seemed luxurious for their day.

Much of the development work carried out on the Ferrari GT cars filtered down into some of Ferrari’s non-competition-oriented cars, such as the 250 GTE. Lessons learned in making the V12 engines competitive in endurance races helped factory engineers develop the more pedestrian road-going engines’ reliability, while lessons learned on chassis improvements required on such testing events as the Carrera Pan Americana were fed into all the products of the Maranello firm.

As a result, it is relatively simple, on paper, to convert a car like a GTE to the specifications and style of the legendary SWB. As is often the case, “on paper” is not as easy as it sounds.

Reproducing a car such as this is a labor of love for some, a way of creating a dream for less than the cost of the original. The reality is that the resultant car will never be valued at anything like its build cost. To some who love Ferrari, though, this is of small concern. The joy of owning such an immaculate piece of automotive art is value enough, and for subsequent owners, the joy of ownership of an icon is a much more viable prospect-a chance to drive a legend.

This immaculate SWB re-creation is based on a 1962 250 GTE chassis, though so accurate is the re-creation that it was, for many years, considered to be an original 250 SWB. Some years later the “original” car came to light and this car’s identity was clarified. However this car is understood to have changed hands in the past for a high six-figure price commensurate with the original examples.