1964 Amphicar Convertible

When you restore one of these, you want to make sure you have found all the holes in the body.


There are better cars, and there are better boats, but there is no better way to draw a crowd than with an Amphicar.

Designed by Hans Trippel and built in Germany, the Amphicar was a recreational vehicle aimed squarely at the American leisure market. It was a concept devoid of utility. unless its owner lived on an island in an extremely calm lake. But the cars were undeniably fun and brought a swarm of onlookers each time they splashed into the water.

This highly original, impressively equipped, and seaworthy Amphicar delivers more smiles-per-dollar than any other car offered in Arizona this weekend. Even among the contenders, which of them can be driven into Lake Meade for a Sunday fishing trip?