1969 Chevrolet Z/28 Camaro Cross Ram Sport Coupe

This is a $175,000 car all day long. Throw in the $25,000 the Cross Ram in the trunk will net on eBay, and I call it a bargain by at least $50,000

Nineteen sixty nine was the final year for the first generation Camaro and for many collectors, the Z/28 is the ultimate derivation. It was fast, not only in a straight line, but also around corners. It drove like a real sports car, with a high-revving small block, and also came only with a four-speed and decent brakes.

A few enthusiasts noticed option code JL8, which put a set of Corvette disc brakes on all four corners of the Z/28. Chevy said 206 people ponied up the $500.50 they charged for the JL8 option, but real numbers indicate only about 56 JL8 Camaros were actually delivered from the factory. The few that survive are the most desirable Z/28s built.

The Z/28 offered here is a rare factory-original JL8-equipped, fully documented, numbers-matching 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 Cross Ram Sport Coupe.

Including its original window sticker, dealer order form, and original factory shipper invoice, it was bought by auto writer Dave Emanuel and featured in several articles on Z/28 performance written by him in the 1970s. There are fourteen factory options on it, including 4.10 Positraction rear, rear deck spoiler, cockpit instrumentation, cowl induction hood, and M21 close-ratio four-speed, in addition to the Z/28 package and the JL8 disc brakes. Emanuel also ordered it in Le Mans Blue (the most desirable color among today’s Camaro collectors), with the fold-down rear seat, center console, Endura front bumper, sport steering wheel, AM radio, and deluxe interior trim.

It is fitted with the standard four-barrel Holley carburetor, but also comes with one of the rare and desirable Holley Cross Ram dual four-barrel intake manifolds, still in the original factory packaging. Carefully restored and in better than showroom condition, there is probably no better 1969 Z/28 anywhere. The engine and all-important components are numbers-matching and original to the car. It is not a “clone,” a “replica,” or a “tribute.” It is a real, factory ordered JL8 Z/28 and is the best ’69 Z/28 in the world.

Colin Comer

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