1970 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 Rally Sport

Introduced to compete against Ford’s popular and youth-oriented Mustang in 1967, the Camaro’s brawny good looks and high-performance options resulted in an immediate sales success. Building on this, Chevrolet debuted a completely redesigned second breed of Camaro on February 26, 1970, that was aimed to be “the Corvette for everyday use.”

Supported by a new chassis, the Camaro was longer, lower and wider than its predecessor. An angular front end replaced the well-known bumblebee nose, while leaner doors and a larger glass area complimented the fastback body. Those who opted for the Rally Sport package received a protruding blackout front grille with center bar, large parking lights and bumperettes. The Z/28 option featured a rear spoiler and the 360-horsepower engine.

An overwhelming success, the redesigned Camaro sold nearly 125,000 models during its first year of production. The Camaro became so popular that Road & Track magazine would later reflect upon it as the best-looking American car of the 1970s. As such, the automobile’s styling and engineering remained virtually unchanged for more than a decade.

This restored 1970 Camaro Z/28 Rally Sport is finished in Daytona Yellow with a black interior and has 86,000 actual miles on the odometer. The LT1 350-c.i. V8 engine has been completely rebuilt without needing to increase its cylinder bore and is mechanically sound. The interior is cosmetically perfect, with only the clock not functioning. Making an appearance just after its restoration, in the December 1992 issue of Chevrolet and Corvette Buyers Guide, this Camaro is a National award winner, complete with the desirable Rally Sport and Z/28 package intact.

B. Mitchell Carlson

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