1971 Lamborghini Miura SV

The last SVs finally received separate lubrication for engine and gearbox,
so the engine didn’t have to swallow metal shavings from missed shifts


Factory records indicate that chassis 4882 was finished on November 29, 1971, as production number 627. The original paint color was Fly Yellow with a black leather interior. The car was originally delivered to Lamborghini dealer Carpanelli in Rome, who reportedly sold it new to a gentleman in Switzerland.

The second owner received the Lamborghini Miura SV in California in 1978 and later sold it to well-known restorer Miles Espensen in completely original condition. In 1990, Espensen stripped 4882 to bare metal and painted it black. The black leather was still very good, so it was left untouched. Shortly after being painted, 4882 was sold to Paul Forbes. Forbes liked the beautiful black paint but wanted the silver wheels and black rocker panels finished with the Miura SV gold accent color.

In 1992, the Miura SV was sold to a collector in Japan with only 36,000 km on the odometer. It remained in Japan until 2007, when it was purchased by the vendor, a well-known California collector and friend of Paul Forbes. Today, 4882 is amazingly well preserved, with an indicated 38,533 km (believed to be original), an original interior, and original numbered drivetrain. The car has a clear history, is in excellent condition, and as an SV is a most refined and powerful production Miura variant.

Simon Kidston

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