1971 Mercedes-Benz 280SE 3.5 Coupe

The 280SE 3.5-liter cars were Mercedes-Benz’s first V8-powered sports cars. A combination of elegant styling coupled with effortless performance made them highly desirable and they were every bit as prestigious as their competitors. From the outset, the emphasis was on quality and the cars featured a new interior with more wood and leather upholstery as the standard. The 3.5-liter V8 engine was highly advanced, with electronic fuel injection and transistor ignition. It marked a turning point in Mercedes-Benz engine manufacturing. The high price that these cars retailed at reflected the quality and expense of their production and ensured their relative rarity. Even by Mercedes-Benz’s efficient standards, output was limited, thereby enhancing the car’s rarity and prestige.

This 1971 example was delivered new with silver paintwork and has been repainted once during its present ownership. The owner has kept the car for six or seven years and the indicated mileage of 29,550 appears to be original. The car has automatic transmission with a floor-mounted automatic gear-selection lever, a factory sunroof and air conditioning. The interior and trunk are described as being in “mint” condition and the owner reports that the car handles and drives as new.

Apparently much of its life was spent in Beverly Hills and it still has a Beverly Hills sticker on the windshield. More recently it has been kept in Santa Barbara. The car is offered with factory tools and manuals.

These large and accommodating 3.5-liter Mercedes are ideal for carrying four adults and luggage on long-distance trips in absolute comfort.