1972 2.4-Liter Fiat Dino Coupe

The name “Dino” comes from Alfredino, Enzo Ferrari’s first son who tragically died in 1956 – and after whom Enzo decreed that all Ferrari V6’s would be called “Dino.” The concept of the V6 engine came from Alfredino and Vittorio Jano in 1955 and the final design work on it was carried out be Ferrari and Fiat. It allowed Ferrari to use the resources of Fiat to produce the V6 Dino engine in sufficient numbers to satisfy homologation rules. It also gave Fiat the prestige associated with the Dino Ferrari name.

The first series of Fiat Dino was produced in two-liter form from 1966 to 1968. It was superseded by the 2.4-liter series in 1969 and produced until 1972. The 2.4-liter cars are different and regarded as superior in almost every respect to the earlier two-liter cars – the engine has a cast iron block, far more rigid than the earlier engine, and they have independent rear suspension, more power and better torque. The Bertone coupe body set the bench mark for design of the ’60s and ’70s grand tourers.

The 1972 example of the Bertone Coupe pictured here was constructed at Ferrari’s Maranello factory and represents the ultimate development of the Fiat Dino as a genuine four-seat grand tourer. Imported from Switzerland and registered in the UK in 1989 it is a very original example of this model. The current enthusiast owner purchased the car in 1990 and the engine was rebuilt in 1990/91, since when it has done a limited mileage.