1979 Ferrari 512 BB Berlinetta Boxer

Faced with having to pitch its Daytona front-engined model against the mid-engined Miura and Bora, Ferrari responded with the 365 GTB/4 Berlinetta Boxer in 1973. An entirely new car and the first road-going Ferrari not to have a “V” configuration engine, the Boxer used a 4.4-liter, four-cam, flat-12 derived from the 3-liter Formula 1. The mid-mounted engine/five-speed transaxle was housed in a tubular/monocoque chassis clothed in Pininfarina’s elegant Berlinetta coachwork. A new Boxer—the 512 BB—appeared in 1976 with a 4942-cc engine and dry sump. The larger engine provided a useful increase in torque, improving acceleration and driveability. Improvements were also made to the aerodynamics, suspension and tires. And in 1981 it was updated with fuel injection, becoming the 512 BBi.
The right-hand drive 512 BB pictured here boasts an engine built by Ferrari specialist Nigel Hudson and incorporating a host of improvements including LM cams, Mahle pistons, gas-flowed cylinder heads, sports exhaust, and re-jetted carburetors. A maximum 460 horsepower is claimed (approximately 120 more than standard) so a commensurate improvement in performance over the standard car may be expected. The work was carried out in the mid 1980s, after which the present owner purchased the car in 1984. Since then, the car has covered a mere 5,000 miles and only 12,000 total. Additional contemporary upgrades include AP brakes, oil cooler, competition clutch, Compomotive wheels and extended rear wheel arches. Believed accident free, it is in excellent mechanical condition with fair to good interior and benefits from a recent service and belt change. This Boxer has phenomenal performance, yet the vendor claims it is extremely tractable.